A division of Golden Shade in the design and production of pre-engineered steel buildings and components for commercial, industrial and institutional use.

Products are manufactured according to the international standards and was satisfactorily awarded with an ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The current yearly production capacity of the company is 240,000 metric tons of steel pipes, that are produced by 4 production lines, with sizes ranging from (1/2 - 20) inches. The company also owns a factory for hot induction bending pipes which is considered the largest in the area, where the hot induction bends are produced in various diameters ranging from (2-48) inch to a thickness up to 50 mm.

The adherence to quality appears in the investment in the state of art technologies, which enable the electronic control of all production stages which enables the operator to control all critical production variables during the production, this contentious electronic control system is a sole element in certifying the products of the company by major oil & gas companies.

In addition, we also manufacture the following.

  • Water works Materials
  • Sewage Materials 
  • Asphalt Works 
  • Pumps, Pipes, Valves

Why Manufacturing with Golden Shade?

  • We adapted a very latest technology for valves after the intensive studies of the environmental requirements carried out throughout the Middle East.
  • Golden Shade materials are manufactured for long life above and below ground installations.
  • Golden Shade uses high quality of material with high resiliency (no cracking) smooth surface and high impact resistance.
  • All items manufactured in Golden Shade factories passed through regular quality control testing that includes: coating thickness, adhesion, and spark testing and impact resistance etc.  depending upon the item.